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Balling on a Budget

On December 13th, 2013, I left it all behind….. I returned to my native homeland of Gringo-landia (what Chileans call the United States) in order to live with my parents while my Chilean Visa was being worked out. I hopped off of my plane in Washington D.C., received gigantic hugs from my parents at the…

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It’s finally the end of the school year in Chile… a very special time. Why?? Because the school days are now two hours shorter. An awesome thing  is that even though the school days are modified,  we still have two recesses, so while everything else is changing, I’m still bringing the same  heat EVERY DAY.…

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I will start this post by saying that I LOVE to see progress. When I see myself getting better and conquering something that I previously couldn’t…it’s the best damn feeling in the world. Anyway… I like doing me some pull-ups(!!), which you may have already seen from pics in previous posts. Over the past year…

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The Foreign Guy Scorecard

The Earth is permeated with a number of sacred skills that have been passed down from generation to generation. Since the beginning of time, there have been violin players who have worked to perfect dizzyingly beautiful trills, there have been monks who have honed their self-discipline to incredible levels, and there have been blacksmiths who…

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My Parents Visit

From October 6th to the 12th, I had the pleasure of taking my parents on a tour through my side of Chile. Neither one of my parents had ever been to South America before, so it was definitely a leap of faith for them. South America has its own unique energy about it (everyone here…

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Last weekend, as I was leaving my buddies´ apartment, I was ambushed by two prostitutes. “Dejame tocar tu cachito!!” (Let me touch your cachito, which being translated as little horn) they said  as they approached me and starting grabbing at my crotch. I didn´t know if they were trying to rob me or turn me…

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NOTE: This post is a departure in that it has nothing to do with my excursions in Chile.  BED SHOCK :D             I don’t know why…but I have a strange fascination with audacious rap lyrics. How many ways can someone describe an ass? Rappers have found thousands and thousands, and…

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The Gringo Jedi

             Note: This is a non-linear continuation of “Excuse Me, Are you Richard??” If you didn’t read that post, then the all you need to know is that I befriended a Chilean reality television star named Richard Rubin. He earned notoriety for being the goofy but straightforward American (gringo) on the popular show Mundos…

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Excuse Me, Are You Richard??

May 15th, 2013.  2:30 PM. Los Andes, Chile.         I sat down in the teacher’s lounge for my usual coffee and mid-afternoon break. For some reason, the basic cable TV had been flipped on— the first time I’d seen it turned on all year. It had on a Chilean reality show known as…

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